Titanic 2 Replica begins

Titanic 2- In April 2012, an Australian billionaire made headlines by putting together a plan to build a life size replica of the Titanic. 

His name is Clive Palmer. He is building a team that hopes to have the Titanic sailing from Southampton in 2016. Construction of the ship will take place in China. 

His team also includes an advisory board which has links to families associated with the original Titanic. In this respect the great great nephew of former Chairman of the White Star Line, Bruce Ismay is on the Board as well as a great granddaughter of Titanic Survivor, Molly Brown.

Titanic 2 Replica and links to Original Titanic

A Finnish firm is commissioned to undertake the design of the ship. Some Titanic Facts you should know that are planned for Titanic II versus the original are as follows:

  • The ship will be 270 metres long and 53 metres high 
  • It will have nine floors and 840 cabins.
  • It will accommodate 2,435 passengers and 900 crew members 
  • The gross tonnage will be an estimated 56,000.
  • The cost estimate seem to vary between $400-$600 million. 
  • Titanic 2 will have extra space compared to the original with dummy funnels (four are not required) 
  • The hull will be welded, not riveted like the original.
  • It will be 4.2 metres wider
  • Modern (anti-iceberg) radar will also be a feature. 
  • There is to be safety chutes, a 400 seat theatre, casino, shops and hospital.
  • There is a Greater beam for enhanced stability. 
  • Diesel-electric propulsion system to replace the original coal-fired boilers, steam engines and steam turbine.
  • There are new 'escape staircases' in addition to the original staircases.
  • There is an overall increase in the height of the ship.

Clive Palmer and the Titanic II

Clive Palmer in May 2013 said applications for the top jobs on his modern-day Titanic replica have started already!

Eight people had already applied for the captain's position. "Some of (the applicants) are cruise ship captains and some are super tanker captains," he said.

"But I would see one of the best jobs on Titanic really as being the activities director because there are so many activities to do on the boat and there are so many different ideas going back in time. We’ll be having balls and arranging a whole lot of different things."

"The food and beverage director is also another great job because we've got 68 chefs who have already produced the Titanic II menus. The food in 1912 was of a totally different cooking style than today so I suppose that's a great job for people on the ship."

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