Types of Poetry Examples and Irish Poetry

With its diversity of poetry examples from Irish poets Ireland has a great poetic history. 

Many of the different types of poetry can be found in Irish poetry even though there are over 50 types.

Poetry in English and other modern European languages often use different rhyme schemes most often seen in children's poems such as Nursery Rhymes making them easy to remember. A common type of Irish poetry which uses rhyme are limericks.

Free verse poems are another type of poetry. A free verse is the loosest type of poem. It can consist of as many lines as the writer wants. It can either rhyme or not, and it does not require any fixed metrical pattern. Free verse is commonly used among writers because it allows for maximum flexibility.

There is a very wide definition of what constitutes poetry, and although some types of poetry can be grouped together in specific styles, creativity is the key to poetry and a new poet can choose to write in any style he wants, even if it doesn't fit into one of the recognized types.

Motivational Poems

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A selection of short inspirational poems starting with two of Northern Ireland's most famous poets Seamus Heaney and C.S .Lewis.

Inspirational Friendship Poems

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A collection of Irish Friendship poems that provide some beautiful words of wisdom from Irish literary talent.

Limerick Poetry

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A Limerick is a short Irish poem consisting of 5 lines and it is a form of poetry which rhymes. They are short and easy to write and compose.

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