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These are other interesting websites and links that we are happy to follow for different topics of interest  that will allow you to check out some of our favourite websites and blogs.

For topics of interest that we may have already included here in our Uniquely Northern Ireland site we believe these websites and blogs (which are truly dedicated to share their passion) will enhance your visit.

We will introduce you to some of these websites/people and their work here. Please enjoy the following.

Favourite sites


This Titanic Facts website has a great in-depth coverage of the Titanic story. It was created by Dave Fowler.

It is a very well presented website and Dave allows the information to flow in a very engaging and appealing way about key facts and figures in the life and loss of the great ship Titanic.


This Irish Genealogy website is one of the best online free resources for tracking your Irish ancestors.

It was created by Claire Santry and Claire has page after page of relevant advice on this website plus the very latest information on genealogical resources in Ireland. 

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