Fun Facts about Ireland

Fun Facts about Ireland. To get you familiar with our culture of Ireland here are some interesting facts about Ireland and its counties. Many of  these  relate to northern Ireland counties though many also apply to Ireland in general.

10 Interesting Facts about Ireland

  • Ireland has won the Eurovision 7 times more than any other country.
  • Many Irish names start with Mac, Mc or 'O'
  • Phoenix Park Dublin is the third largest walled citypark in Europe.
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland is a vibrant tourist attraction bustling with stylish bars, pubs, bistros, hotels and historical attractions.
  • Glenties in County Donegal in northern Part of the island has won the won tidy towns the most, with 5 victories.
  • The Pound sterling is the currency of those northern Ireland 6 counties that are part of the UK.
  • The currency of the other 26 counties of Ireland known as the Republic is the Euro.
  • Arthur Guinness (proud brand for our our famous drink) had  21 children.
  • The Titanic was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • It is estimated that over 80 million people of Irish descent live outside of Ireland.

4 more interesting fun facts about Ireland

  • An Irishman designed the White House.
  • The Irish may have discovered America first.
  • Halloween was derived from an Irish festival.
  • The best-known delicacy of Northern Ireland is the ‘Ulster Fry’ that traditionally includes high cholesterol wonders like bacon, egg, soda bread, sausage, potato bread, mushrooms, fried tomato, baked beans and black pudding.

Fun Facts About Ireland:
Northern Ireland Counties

  • Northern parts of Ireland are renowned for their natural beauty.
  • Belfast is the capital of the Northern Ireland Counties (uk)  and Dublin is the capital of the Counties that are part of Republic of Ireland.
  • Northern Ireland (uk) has traditionally had an industrial economy, most notably in shipbuilding, rope manufacture and textiles, but most heavy industry has since been replaced by services, primarily the public sector.
  • Some team sports are played on an All-Ireland basis, while in others Northern Ireland (uk) fields its own team.
  • With its improved international reputation, Northern Ireland (uk) has recently witnessed rising numbers of tourists.
  • Northern Ireland is famous for the Giant's Causeway.
  • Titanic ship was built in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland (uk). 
  • Famous People of Northern Ireland, C S Lewis 1898-1963 (Writer) Kenneth Branagh 1960-now (Actor) and film director, James Nesbitt 1965-now (Actor) George Best 1946-2005 Footballer

Northern Ireland Counties:
A few more Facts

Six counties are part of the UK-They are:

Another three Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan make up the province of Ulster although they are in the Republic of Ireland. Of these three we will be adding one at a time to our counties of Ireland tourism summary. Firstly,

What's the difference?

So County Donegal is not in the UK but rather the Republic of Ireland. It is very easy to find yourself across the border. You wouldn't hardly know but you will see the signs or maybe some asks you to pay in euros and you have only sterling!

That's because sterling is the currency in the UK . The Euro is the currency for the Republic of Ireland. Not many refuse either so don't be worrying about that.

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