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Uniquely Northern Ireland is always eager to read interviews and learn about new, fresh stories from as many great minds as possible.  The more we learn, the more we are able to make this a more unique place for everybody.

This area is dedicated to experts who are ready and willing to share their expertise with us.  We value their time, opinions, and dedication.

Please check out our interviews below.  Thank you.  

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Genealogy Interviews

June 2013

Claire Santry-  We catch up with Claire Santry, an amateur genealogist who has built up a remarkable website in helping people to trace their family ancestry.

Travel Interviews

April 2013

Jonny Blair    -  We chat to Jonny Blair from Northern Ireland who has traveled to 70 countries in the world with daily updates live at his travel blog DontStopLiving.Net

Johnny Ward - An amazing catch up with Johnny Ward from Northern Ireland who has traveled to 96 countries in the world and whose website is reaching 100,000 visitors in the world per month.

May 2013

Lucy Dodsworth - A freelance writer, editor and designer with a passion for travel we catch up with the very popular travel blog on her recent visit to Titanic Belfast.

Allan Wilson - Allan, from Northern Ireland has just permanently moved to Asia after a travel relationship with it dating back to 2002 and has just won a Gold Award for his new website.

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