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Where do you start to answer the question to find my family history in Ireland?

There are many family history free sites on the web that give great information if you know where to look.  Along with this often asked question we also look at the Irish American family connection and all the list of famous names over the years that have had a connection to here from Movie stars to US Presidents.

As well as these we take a brief look at what we can discover about our Irish last names meaning and also take a brief look at what we know as the Irish Clans over the years. 

Family Crest

A family's crest or coat of arms, ties that family directly to its genealogical history.

Over the years a family crest has became a synonym for coat of arms.

Last Names Meaning

Last Names Meaning

Commonly call our Irish surnames here we take a sample of some randomly selected popular Irish surnames and find out a little bit about there last names meaning.

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Irish Surnames

Irish surnames -Ireland has a variety of Irish surnames which reveal numerous migrations of peoples over the centuries.

This looks at a brief history of Irish surnames from the 9th century.

Irish Americans

Irish Americans are citizens of the United States who can trace their ancestry to Ireland.

They range from former Presidents of the United States to famous movie stars such as George Clooney.

Irish Clans

Irish Clans are traditional kinship groups and many people of Irish descent are all over the world.

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