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Hello everyone.

Welcome to Uniquely northern Ireland.

We live here, laugh here, love here and its a great place to live. We will do our best for you to enjoy the site and get to know our culture better.

How did it come about ? The idea was born from a strong desire to showcase our love and passion for life in this part of Ireland. We live here and share a desire to write about what we know about our cullture as best we can and do our best in our own unique way.

We hope others based here and visitors come together as the site develops to share experience.

So our vision that began as a seed was to platform our northern part of Ireland and create something different, something to allow you get to know us , our culture. 

We continue to act on our original vision- we have tried to build lots of interesting content.

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Explore our part of the world and all its uniqueness-our counties, our accents!  our beautiful lakes, salmon/trout all sorts of fishing, cruising, places to see like the new famous Titanic icon, tours, stunning beaches , world class golf courses, fantastic accomodation and above else just come and meet the people and make friends.

Our Vision: A Real Community

Our goal is to turn this site into a real online community: a place where people come to exchange information, give their best travel tips, etc.

Help to turn this into reality. Give a travel tip, show us your best pictures of northern Ireland or help somebody who posted a question.


We will always look to improve and we will strive to make it better and better . So please do submit your suggestions below and rate other people's suggestions too.

Hope you enjoy the site, remember to submit tips if you have something to contribute. We always appreciate your support, take Care and we wish you well.

Now it is your turn to talk!

Tell us what you like about the Uniquely-northern-Ireland site and what you want to see changed or improved. 

How would you Improve our Site?

We are always looking for way to make our Uniquely Northern Ireland site better. So we are happy to hear what you really want from our site.

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