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The Northern Ireland blog is our mini journal about Northern Ireland. It...

--lets you know when any new Web pages appear on Uniquely telling you about a new find or adventure

--keeps you up to date with other postings or news about Northern Ireland.

Other Interesting WebSites

This is a page where we save and share with you the benefit of other interesting websites that add more research on some of our topics.

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The Titanic Wreck undiscovered until 1985

The Titanic wreck lay undiscovered and untouched 12,000 feet below the surface on the ocean floor until 1985 when a French-American expedition found it.

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Titanic 2

In April 2012, an Australian billionaire made headlines by putting together a plan to build Titanic 2, a life size replica of the Titanic. This lifesize Titanic Replica will be built in China.

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County Donegal Pictures of Ireland

A few County Donegal pictures of Ireland landscape photos for you to enjoy and see many of its popular Irish images.

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Titanic Replica

There have been several proposals and studies for a project to build a Titanic replica ship based on the famous RMS Titanic-here we look at two of these high profile proposals.

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Pictures of Ireland from the northern counties

A collection of pictures of Ireland from different northern counties that show Ireland landscape photos and other images of northern Ireland

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County Tyrone Pictures of Ireland

A selection of County Tyrone Pictures of Ireland which of course includes the famous Sperrin Mountains and photos of northern Ireland from the Ulster American Folk Park.

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