Titanic Facts on Survivors and Casualties

Titanic Facts on Survivors and Casualties of the Titanic:

Titanic Facts:

  • 1,517 people total died, including passengers and crew.
  • There were only 706 Titanic survivors.
  • 962 lifeboat seats were required by law. 
  • 1,178 lifeboat seats were carried aboard.
  • 2,208 lifeboat seats were needed. 
  • One of the first lifeboats to leave the Titanic ship carried only 28 people; it could have held 64 people.There were 472 lifeboat seats not used.
  • There were enough life-jackets for all 2,208 people, and most everyone was wearing one. 
  • 300 dead bodies were pulled from the sea the next morning. They were found floating in their life-jackets. Many other floating bodies were not found because they had drifted off. Very few people actually went down with the ship. Most died and drifted away in their life-jackets.
  • The temperature of the Atlantic at the time of sinking was 31 degrees. This temperature was the biggest cause of death among the population.
  • Other Titanic Facts on Survivors show there were many dogs aboard the Titanic but only two of the dogs survived.
  • Orders from the Titanic Captain were that, women and children were to board the lifeboats first. One man, Daniel Buckley, disguised himself as a woman to get aboard a lifeboat.
  • Charles Joughin was the only person to survive the ice cold Atlantic water...He reportedly had been drinking heavily. 
  • Of children fatalities, only 1 child from first class died, while 49 children from steerage died.

Titanic Facts on The Final Moments

  • The Titanic band played music up to the last few minutes before the ship went under. None survived.
  • One of the last songs the Titanic band reportedly played before their death was, "Songe d'Automne".
  • As the ship was sinking, the stern rose out of the water, and broke into two pieces between the third and fourth funnels.

Titanic Facts about the Titanic Wreckage:

  • The Titanic wreckage lies 12,600 feet (over 2.33 miles) at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The two pieces of the Titanic ship lay 1,970 feet apart from one another on the ocean floor.
  • Because the front section of the Titanic ship went down nose first, the bow is buried 60 feet below the ocean floor. 
  • The huge gash is also buried. (Recent technology has allowed visual access to the damaged area of the hull)
  • The Titanic ship was rediscovered on July 14th, 1986. 74 years after it sank.
  • Since the death of the last Titanic Survivor, Millvina Dean, May 31st of 2009, there are no longer any living survivors of the Titanic tragedy.
  • Millvina Dean was just nine weeks old at the time of the Titanic's sinking.

The main sources to compile these Titanic facts about Titanic have been the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Today Belfast remembers the facts about Titanic ship with its newly opened Titanic Exhibition in the Titanic Quarter of the city.

There are also Titanic ship monuments erected at Belfast City Hall in its memory.

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