The Titanic Wreck undiscovered until 1985.

Amazingly since 1912 the Titanic wreck lay undiscovered. Numerous attempts to find it had taken place. Most naturally took place in the vicinity where the Titanic ship sank.

However the ship was never found at all for 73 years from 1912 right up until 1985. Eventually in 1985 it was discovered. The Titanic position was not where it sank but 12 miles away. It was apparant that the position had been inaccurately transmitted by the crew. 

Despite all the attempts to find it the first people to come across it were part of a French-American team. The Titanic stern wreck is totally ruined due to the damage it suffered. The Titanic bow wreck still has a lot of preserved interiors.

Titanic Wreck Facts 

Some Titanic Facts concerning the wreck.

-Discovered on 1st September 1995.

-Found by French-American expedition.

-Lay 12,000 feet on the ocean floor.

-The Titanic was in two main pieces and there were about one third mile apart.

-It was found by a deep sea vehicle that trawled the sea bed with sonar and cameras that transmitted back to a control room.

-Titanic debris contained machinery, furniture, utensils, personal effects, parts of the Titanic.

-The Titanic wreck bodies had been consumed with only their shoes left.

-Titanic has now been visited by numerous expeditions including many salvagers. 

Titanic Interior Wreck and Ownership

Locating the Titanic after all that time naturally was a worldwide major news story. Then followed a controversy into who actually owned it. Of course their were many going to be interested in all the valuable Titanic artefacts.

In summary two keys camps have evolved since its discovery. Firstly the conservationists who argue that Titanic artefacts should be recovered and conserved.

However in contrast to that one of the men involved in the 1985 discovery, Mr Robert Ballard, argues that the entire Titanic should have been left alone.

Titanic Artefacts

Some of the main artefacts are now found in the following Titanic exhibitions:

RMS Titanic Inc. organises large-scale exhibitions of Titanic artefacts retrieved from the wreck site. The first major exhibition of recovered artefacts was held at the National Maritime Museum in 1994–95. It was hugely popular, drawing an average of 21,000 visitors a week 

Since then, RMS Titanic Inc. has established a large-scale permanent exhibition of Titanic artefacts at the Luxor hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 25,000 square feet exhibit holds the hull retrieved in 1998 and features conserved items including luggage, Titanic's whistles, floor tiles and an unopened bottle of champagne.

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