Parts of a Golf Club

The parts of a Golf Club and the technology and innovation that go into their production are made of multiple materials and have multiple components.

An understanding of these can help decide what is best for you and as a mans golf set or a womans golf set can be considerably expensive then it is important to suit your needs as best as possible.

This is just a quick summary for those who play the game and for those who are thinking of taking up this great game of what are the golf club parts.

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What are main parts of a golf Club?

The key ones are the club head, the shaft and the grip. These components are put together to create every club and are the main golf club parts.

Parts of a Golf Club:
The Club Head

The Golf Club Heads are made of light metals that allow for bounce off the club face, as well as keeping the total weight of the club down to increase the golf club head swing speed.

The materials usually used for club heads are titanium, steel, graphite, boron or steel alloys.

What are also becoming very trendy are knitted golf club head covers that cover over the golf head when it sits in the golfbag !

Golf Club Parts:
The Golf Grip

Golf Club Grips are usually made of rubber. This is because it deals with moisture well and allows for better grip. Its very important to make golf club regripping a regular part of your game so that you retain a good grip on the clubs for your swing. 

A secure hold of the golf club is vital for shot accuracy. If you play 3 or 4 times a month, you should replace golf grips regularly.

If you are wondering how to grip a golf club your club pro usually is a safe bet although you can of course try do a DIY yourself. The main thing in installing new grips is to do it regularly as it certainly will help your scoring.

Golf Club Parts:
The Golf Club Shafts

Golf Club Shafts are usually made from steel or graphite. Graphite golf club shafts are different composites of graphite and other alloys to allow for different weights and flexes.

The golf club shafts transfer the energy from the golfer's swing and transmit it to the club head. The best golf club shafts will be a mixture of:

  • Golf Club Shaft Length
  • Golf Club Shaft Weight
  • Golf Club Shaft Flex

It is essential that the right golf club shafts are fitted to suit your swing for optimum performance so choosing a golf club shaft is important. Check out with your local club professional is a good start.