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Here are some images of Ireland from County Armagh.

County Armagh Pictures of Ireland Part 1

Image credit: designpics/123RF Stock Photo; Image credit: designpics/123RF Stock Photo;

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Orchard County

The first picture of Ireland from Armagh is of an orchard. Armagh is often known as the 'Orchard County', owing to the rich apple growing country in the north of the county. In May the countryside here comes alive in sheer beautiful colour as the flowers of apple trees blanket much of the deep green landscape.

There is an annual Apple Blossom Festival that celebrates the start of the season and the area's principle variety, the delicious Bramley apple !

Navan Fort

A short distance to the west of Armagh, Navan Fort is thought to have been an ancient pagan ceremonial site.  It comprises a large circular earthwork surrounding the summit of a drumlin hill and is the site of some fascinating archaeological discoveries.  It features prominently in Irish mythology and is thought to have been the earliest capital of Ulster.

Tayto Crisps

The third photo of Ireland is actually a packet of Tayto Crisps! Tayto Castle, Tandragee, Armagh Ireland in the Ulster countryside is where the terrific Tayto crisps are made.

In 1955 the castle was in need of repair and was bought by a visionary local businessman, Thomas Hutchinson. In 1956 he had the clever idea to make a new potato product called crisps, and started making Tayto crisps creating one of the world's best loved brands of crisps and snacks.

So that is the first three pictures of Ireland from County Armagh -now another three Irish images....northern Ireland photos Armagh style.......

County Armagh Pictures of Ireland Part 2

Image credit: dinky/123RF Stock Photo; Image credit: designpics/123RF Stock Photo;

Oxford Island

Some more images of northern Ireland above include Oxford Island which is located on the shores of Lough Neagh and much of the area is designated as a National Nature Reserve due to its wide variety of habitats such as reed beds, open water, wildlife ponds and wildflower meadows. 

The site has a number of facilities including a network of trails, birdwatching hides, the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Kinnego Marina and the Waterside House, all of which give visitors to the site excellent opportunities to get close to nature. The richness of the wildflower meadows, woodlands, shoreline and open water means that there is always something special to see. 

Slieve Gullion

The Ring of Gullion and Slieve Gullion, in particular, have rich associations with Irish legends and myths. In one tale, Finn McCool was bewitched by Miluchra on the summit of Slieve Gullion at the Lough of the Calliagh Bhirra. To this day the superstition survives that if you bathe in the lough your hair will turn white!

A mountain walk on Slieve Gullion allows you the chance to explore an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty using mountain paths, forest trails and country roads.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

The final photos of northern Ireland above includes the imposing twin spires of the Catholic Cathedral overlook the City on an elevated site. It was on this hill on the 17th March 1840 that the foundation stone for Saint Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral was laid by Archbishop Crolly.

It was over 60 years before the Armagh Cathedral was completed, with consecration on 24th July 1904.

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