Counties of Ireland-G8 conference 

For the 32 counties of Ireland-G8 fever came to one in particular, County Fermanagh in northern Ireland. In June 2013, the president of the United States dropped by to this beautiful part of the world.

President Barrack Obama and his wife and other world leaders enjoyed their stay in the scenic countryside of County Fermanagh. Pictures of the world leaders showed them visit the County town of Enniskillen en route to the Lough Erne Resort and others arrived by helicopter.

County Fermanagh is one of the northern Ireland counties that is part of the UK.

Counties of Ireland-G8:
Lough Erne Resort Video

Otherwise known as the Group of Eight, the G8  is an assembly of world leaders who meet annually to discuss global issues.  Each year, the G8 Nations holds a Leaders’ Summit, in which Heads of State and Government of member countries meet to discuss and attempt to reconcile global issues.  

Although it is best known for its annual summits, it works throughout the year to tackle important contemporary topics such as the economy and climate change.  The G8 summit discusses and creates global policies.  

Membership G8 Nations

The G8 Nations are made up of heads of government from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States.  The European Union is also represented at meetings by both the president of the European Commission and the leader of the country that has European Union presidency. 

The group’s original 1976 line-up included France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.  These countries were later joined by Canada in 1976 and Russia in 1998. 

All members originate from the developed, industrialised world.  The G8 Nations excludes China and India, despite their rapid economic growth, and fails to represent countries in Africa and Latin America.  This has led to accusations that the priorities fail to represent the majority of the developing world. 

Counties of Ireland-G8 at County Fermanagh
Lough Erne Resort

Member countries take turns to host the annual Leaders’ G8 Summit and to hold the presidency.  The host country sets out an agenda for the summit, as well as planning meetings and discussion groups.  It is also its responsibility to organise security for the summit. 

Previous Leaders' Conferences 

  • 2001                Italy-Genoa summit
  • 2002                Canada-Kananaskis summit
  • 2003                France-Evian summit
  • 2004                US-Sea Island summit
  • 2005                UK-Gleneagles summit
  • 2006                Russia-St Petersburg summit
  • 2007                Germany-Heiligendamm summit
  • 2008                Japan-Hokkaido Toyako summit
  • 2009                Italy-L'Aquila, Abruzzo summit
  • 2010                Canada-Huntsville summit
  • 2011                France-Deauville summit
  • 2012                US-Camp David, Maryland summit

and finally the 39th Lough Erne G8 summit 2013 held ...... 

  • 2013                UK-Lough Erne Golf Resort, County Fermanagh.

The Lough Erne Golf Resort is set among 600 acres of a stunning peninsula overlooking Lough Erne .

The venue is stunning. You are literally spoiled with the beauty of the lakeside walks around Lough Erne and the golf course. Oh and the golf course if you play it is divine . Even if you have a bad day or a bad round just admire the scenery. One of the most favourite holes is the 10th a driveable par 4-for the big hitters with the green set a bit out into the Lake. 

When Rory McIlroy and Padraig Harrington came to play an exhibition match to mark Lough Erne Golf Resort's development, the people on cruisers lined the green behind the 10th to watch-that day was so sunny and special. Indeed Rory was attached to Lough Erne as a touring professional prior to reaching World Number 1 .

If the Faldo-designed course at our five-star hotel doesn’t grab you, then maybe the authentic Thai spa, the delightful on-site lodges, the several award-winning restaurants and cafes, or the delightful course-side walks among a list of things to do , might just entice you ! 

Do also drop into Castlehume another golf course which is adjacent to Lough Erne-there is also a lovely friendly clubhouse with a very good restaurant. Pop into our 2 local golf professionals, Shaun and Pat who run the golf shop

So that is the G8 summit 2013, a little bit of its history and an idea of the venue, Lough Erne Golf Resort in County Fermanagh.

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