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How do I find my family crest is an often asked question. Technically, the term family crest refers to the image that appears on the helmet of a family’s coat of arms. However, over the years, the term family crest has become a synonym for coat of arms. 

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A family's crest, or coat of arms, ties that name directly to its genealogical history. If you know the original spelling of your family's last name or irish surnames and have a few minutes to browse the Internet, you can locate and print your family crest for free. For a small fee, you can often have the crest printed on parchment or engraved on a plaque.

In medieval times, a coat of arms would be granted to an individual. The individual passed down the coat of arms to family descendants, turning the coat of arms into a family symbol. Warriors wore their family crest into battle and it also helped to identify any causalities.

The images on a family’s coat of arms represents that family’s supposed characteristics. For example a unicorn symbolizes purity, and a boar symbolizes endurance and courage. 

The colors chosen and the shape of the shield itself are important visual descriptions for the family crest. 

Find my Family Crest-First Steps

The first step is to know where your family ancestors originated from, what last names are in your family tree, and the nationalities associated with your family history. Talk with other members of your family for as much information on your ancestors as possible and then begin to trace your family history.

To then find your family crests visit web sites such as House of Names above. Find out about family crests and their meanings. You did your genealogy search, found your surname family crest and now want to know the history and meaning of this medieval symbol. 

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