Golf Club Travel Bag

A golf club travel bag is going to be an important consideration when taking your clubs away with you if you are travelling to Ireland for a golfing holiday or indeed travelling abroad anywhere.

If you come to play our courses in Ireland and are looking for a degree of comfort for you and your clubs we have included some information and tips here.

There are two main types of travel golf bag (also known as golf bag travel case). You can either get a hard or soft bag. Some of the more popular brands are the Callaway Golf Travel Bag, Titleist golf Travel Bag. You can also get travel golf bags with wheels.

All the pro's have the hard case golf travel bag.They really need them for travelling around the world. I guess this is a testament to the hard travel bag in there own right. 

The big downside is the cost. Although this can vary and you get very cheap golf travel bags maybe second hand they are generally from £150 new upwards. It really depends on your original investment in the cost of your clubs and what level of money you wish to invest in a golf club travel bag.

In comparison to the hard golf travel bag, there is the more inexpensive soft golf bag travel case. Although they are very durable anyway though it helps if you pack them properly so they can withstand a lot of abuse. (Even from baggage handlers who may not be as trained in the sort of caring for our prized clubs as we are!).

The cost of a soft bag is usually about £75 or so.

 Other Tips 

When you put your clubs into a Callaway golf club travel bag or whatever brand you choose just leave them in your golf bag if you can. This will them extra protection rather than taking them out and putting in separately. This is because If you take them and put in separately they go up against the travel cloth of the bag and are not so well protected.

Some other tips is you may still have space in your golf bag travel case why not use it up by putting in your golf shoes and golf wet suit. This will lighten your other bags and provide more protection for your golf clubs.

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