High Fashion Makeup 

High Fashion Makeup is a unique field and looking great doesn't have to take much time or effort . Well maybe if we all had a makeup artist who normally works closely with people that are continuously in the public spotlight, including those that work in film and television as well as theatre and of course brides to be. The artist is there to show off the model to best effect!

But we all like to look more attractive and many of us are our own makeup artist. Here are some of our insights and also later down the page some signposts on makeup classes in northern Ireland.

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Makeup websites:
Information on Best Foundation Makeup and expert insights

With so many products available it is refreshing to find a good makeup website that provides foundation reviews and expert insights. We like totalbeauty.com which is a very popular makeup website that does an expert reviews of makeup and makeup tips, makeup brands and makeup ideas.

There are articles and tips covering reviews and issues as to how to choose a foundation and apply a foundation. It looks at practical issues such as make up for oily skin and dry skin and best makeup for acne and has a host of other beauty information.

High Fashion Makeup
Makeup artists:

Job duties of a makeup artist include preparing people by applying their makeup and styling their hair in preparation to be in front of a camera or live audience. Positions as a makeup artist are available at film production companies, theatre companies and TV stations.

You may also find make up artists in fashion modeling and fashion agencies. It requires training at a specialized school that provides educational programs for makeup artists to successfully enter the field. Alternatively there may be openings with an experienced fashion makeup artist where a person can act as an apprentice and learn the tricks of the trade.

High Fashion Makeup:
Makeup Websites and Makeup Courses in Northern Ireland

If you are on location in Northern Ireland and you need a makeup artist, two of the most popular with makeup website addresses listed below:

Makeup Artist Courses:

The second makeup website is the Oonagh Boman School of Make-up. It is unique as lectures are given by professionals from within the fashion industry. There are also makeup artist courses that cover all you need to know to become a makeup professional.

It is long established and many students/graduates on its makeup artist courses now work within the beauty/fashion sector.

High Fashion Makeup:
Famous Makeup Artists

Sam Fine

One of the highest paid make up artists in the world today and has done the faces of such supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Iman and Tyra Banks. 

Charlie Green

Celebrities include Alicia Keys, Angelina Jolie, Celine Dion, Charlize Theron, Elizabeth Hurley, Julia Stiles, Kate Beckinsale, Katie Holmes, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek and Shania Twain.

Pat McGrath

Vogue Magazine has named her as the most influential make up artist in the world today. And to think that Pat McGrath never had any formal training in fashion nor in make up!

Buy Makeup Online

Founded in 2005 www.feelunique.com is the ultimate destination for all things beauty and your one stop shop for the best in beauty including fashion makeup tips and if you want to buy makeup products online.

They have an amazing array of makeup brands and bring the exciting editorial, expert advice and insider know-how . If you love beauty - you will love feelunique.com.

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