High Fashion Photography

High fashion photography is one of the most vibrant and exhilarating areas of professional photography. Only a few top photographers live up to the glamorous image of overseas travel, exotic locations and beautiful models.

Below we highlight some fashion photography history , some interesting websites and some fashion photographers in northern Ireland.

Photographers who understand fashion trends and can deliver striking images that sell the look and style of the clothes are much in demand and can command considerable fees. 

High Fashion and Magazine Photographers work from their own studios, on location, or occasionally, in a studio supplied by their clients.

They must be innovative and artistic with an knowledge of the latest fashion trends, as well as the history of fashion, art and fashion photography.

Fashion photography can stretch from vintage fashion photography to underwater fashion photography.

Image credit: tykhyi/123RF Stock Photo;

High Fashion Photographers must therefore use all their charm and interpersonal skills to communicate their passion and creative vision to a very demanding and sophisticated audience.

The ability to imagine the clothing in our own lives and wardrobes is as essential to the economics of fashion as the visibility of the garments in the first place.

Lights are super important in photography that is why many big fashion photography names are usually known for their lighting in many cases usually set up by their assistant.

Glamour Magazine has always been good at this; its shoots feature a mixture of high fashion and high street labels.

You can sample the fashion glamour photography by clicking on the glamour link here.

Another sample of high fashion shots that we like is at trendland.com

Northern Ireland Fashion Photography

Whether you are looking for a professional portfolio to present to an agency, or just a gift for a special friend, Ciaran O'Neill fashion photography options will guarantee a stunning, varied and creative set of shots. 

As the Uniquely site develops we will hope to add more beautiful examples of high fashion photography and the use of lighting and shadows. With the emergence of new photographic techniques and technologies, the concept of fashion photography is getting popular. 

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