Ireland-Golf-Packages-Travel-Tips that provides some brief handy facts about flights to Ireland, what are the roads like in Ireland and what the Ireland currency is.

Air Travel to Ireland

Ireland international airports are served by daily flights from airports around the world. They are located so that any part of the country is really at most a two hour drive from an international airport so if you are looking at cheap flights to Ireland consider all options.

Flights to Dublin or Flights to Belfast are essentially the main access points along with Shannon and Cork Airport. 

Ireland also has several ferry ports served by car ferry from Britain and Continental Europe.

The Roads in Ireland

Ireland is only 250 miles long and 174 miles wide so getting around really isn't that hard. The road system has improved and continues to improve and many great motorways links the major cities. For example Dublin to Belfast only takes 2 hours and is a brilliant motorway. Have a few euros for the toll bridges ready!

Some country roads in Ireland are beautiful, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Remember drive on the left in roads in Ireland. You are not alone as 28 percent of the world drive on the left, including New Zealand, Japan, India and a lot of South Africa.

Detailed Road Map of Ireland

If you are driving it may well be best to invest in a road map of Ireland . There are many detailed maps of Ireland available and a good map will ensure that that you reach the correct destination.

Ireland Currency 

Since January 1st 2002 and in common with most European countries, Ireland currency in the Irish Republic is the Euro, which is denoted by the symbol “€”. Prior to 2002, the unit of currency was the Irish Pound (or Punt).

The official currency in Northern Ireland counties that are part of UK remains the British Pound (Sterling) as the United Kingdom have not joined the common currency of the European Union.

You can withdraw cash from ATM machines across the country. Located in most banks and larger shopping centres, the ATM machines accept most credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as PLUS and Cirrus debit cards.


The options range from self catering, holiday cottages and apartments to excellent bed and breakfasts in Ireland to luxury 5 star hotels Ireland or cheap hotels ireland. There really is a great selection. Check a more detailed overview at premier inns.



  • When travelling to Ireland a valid passport is required. Before travelling, be sure to check the passport s expiry date and renew it accordingly. 


  • There are no definite rules for tipping. If you feel that you have received good service, then you may wish to leave a tip. 


  • Shops generally open Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 5:30pm or 6:00pm. In popular visitor areas, many shops stay open until later in the evening during the summer, while in larger towns and cities, there is usually late night shopping and Sunday 


  • The price of food and drink varies considerably depending on the type of establishment you choose and the part of the country you are in.The vast majority of patrons drink beer by the pint, while visitors should make sure to sample a few pints of Guinness on their travels. Other recommended local brews include Beamish and Harp.

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