Living Room Interior Designs

Living Room Interior Designs flow from the creative interior designer. How often have we marvelled at a room that has been transformed by a magical touch into an oasis of calm and tranquility that you feel so at home in or the look of it just gives you that all over oh I love that!

Living Room Designs

We hope to bring some of our best local talent in northern Ireland to write some inspiring articles. Here are ten initial interior designs ideas for breathing new life so that you can go and design that living room needing some TLC!

Living Room Interior Designs Ideas 1-5

1-The wall coverings-Could they do with a little change? Often the living room gets more attention in reflecting our true style and personality so maybe time for out with the old and in with the new! 

2-The paint colour in the room-a lovely sea blue can give rise to a lovely calming effect.

3-The floor coverings in the room can make a statement .That could just be a bold carpet that provides comfort or a carpet that provides comfort with a a design eye as well. Or maybe a wooden floor, more neutral, with a rug strategically placed and with some vibrancy to make the room a bit bolder.

4-Create something that stands out in a room and draws the eye to it as a highlight. For example a chic fireplace or a picture or set of pictures. Maybe even a piece of art that you like.

5-Lights are a great mood enhancer. Ever dimmed the lights for a nice soft romantic feeling (with candlelit dinner! ) .Position light sources to create a relaxed comfortable mood. Some soft table lamps around the room.

Living Room Interior Designs Ideas 6-10

6-Curtains/Blinds or none-again nowadays sometimes the windows are just so good that little dressing is required, but curtains can create a very grand or modern look in a room.

7-Mentioned a little earlier but worth repeating you can use pictures of art on your wall to draw out the style and design of your room.

8-The chair coverings. Sometimes 4 pink chair coverings can create quite a statement! 

9-Curved armless sofas make create a unique and interesting look.  Look for that little bit extra in your furnishings to create that unique look.

10-Get smaller design sofas for a smaller room. Yes a small sofa for a small living room and a big sofa for a big living room.

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