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So with that said here are some pictures of Ireland from County Tyrone and a short description of them.

County Tyrone Pictures of Ireland Part 1

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Sperrin Mountains

The Sperrins or Sperrin Mountains are a range of mountains in Northern Ireland and one of the largest upland areas in Ireland. The range stretches the counties of Tyrone and Derry-Londonderry.

They are one of the least explored mountain range in Northern Ireland with dramatic landscapes, rivers , mountains, valleys, forests, lakes and outdoor and indoor pursuits. This is the perfect location to get an extraordinary experience in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Great views, and excellent opportunity for a beautiful landscape photo of Ireland. Lots of picnic places too and a great place for walking !

Boorin Nature Reserve

The characteristic small, pointed hills of Boorin Nature Reserve were formed when the melting ice sheets of the last Ice Age left behind huge amounts of sand and gravel. These hills are now cloaked in heather and are surrounded by peat bog. The small loughs found here are deep and are known as kettle-hole lakes.

In summer the air is filled with the song of skylarks. It might be possible to catch a glimpse of a red grouse among the heather. 

Clinging to a steep slope at the northern end of the reserve is a rare surviving fragment of mature oak woodland. This wood is famous for its great variety of lichens, ferns and mosses. In springtime a carpet of bluebells and other woodland flowers paint the woodland floor.

April – September is good for birds, butterflies and flowers and October – December for autumn colour in the wood.

Lough Muck

The beautiful Lough Muck, just 3 miles from Omagh is a privately owned 35-acre lake. It is renowned for yielding pike up to 30lb weight!!! Twelve fishing pegs are available and boots can be hired.

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County Tyrone Pictures of Ireland Part 2

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Ulster American Folk Park

Situated in the famous Ulster American Folk Park (which tells the story of emigration) many have have memories of this thatched house as it showed typical Irish images of a traditional house in times gone by.

Thomas Alexander Mellon was a Scotch-Irish American, entrepreneur, lawyer, and judge, best known as the founder of Mellon Bank and patriarch of the Mellon family of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Thomas Mellon was born in this cottage in February 1813. It was built by his father Andrew and his brother Archy, 'chiefly by the labour of their own hands', shortly before Thomas was born. Thomas spent the first five years of his life here, before he and his family emigrated to America.

The Ulster American Folk Park cottage and its outbuildings are typical of the farmsteads which so many Irish people left behind as they looked for a new life in America.

River Mourne

Another of the photos of northern Ireland in County Tyrone is the River Mourne, a river in County Tyrone, and is a tributary of the River Foyle. At Strabane it joins with the River Finn to form the River Foyle. Fishing is largely for salmon, grilse and sea trout. 

Beaghmore Stone Circles

To finish the selection of County Tyrone pictures of Ireland, Beaghmore Circle are a unique complex of early Bronze Age megalithic features, stone circles and cairns, 8.5 miles north west of Cookstown, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, on the south-east edge of the Sperrin Mountains. 

Beaghmore, "the moor of the birches", was first uncovered in 1945-9 when 1269 stones were uncovered, they had been buried in the thick layer of peat that is a dominating feature of this area. Further work in 1965 revealed more of the complex, although it is almost certain that further structures still lie buried in the surrounding peat. 

A total of seven circles, six of which are paired, were discovered, along with many cairns, some of which have associated stone rows. A typical feature of the Beaghmore stone rows is a "high and low" arrangement where short rows of tall stones run beside much longer rows of small stones. 

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