Golf Club Distances

Golf Club Distances vary greatly and one player who plays a shot with an 8 iron may hit the shot maybe 30 yards more than their partner in their weekend fourball. 

Well there are an awful lot of reasons why. Many different players, many differences in golf club equipment, the golf club loft, the golf club heads.

However two other key factors have a huge influence on distance when you play golf courses in Ireland or if for the first time you are coming on a golf holiday in Ireland:

1-the weather discussed at ireland-golf-packages-when is the best time to come
2-the type of golf course in Ireland particularly links golf in Ireland.

Now these can make fun of the most advanced golf club distance calculator!!

Links Golf in Ireland-A unique type of course 

In the whole world there are only about 150 of these links golf courses in the world and Ireland has one third of them. That's right one third of these golf courses in Ireland. Amazing isn't it.You will have seen nothing like them. They are the best.

The thing about links golf is you need to use your imagination more. The course is rarely flat, more full of humps and hollows. You will get an amazing amount of run on the ball and often times the distance you know but its a picture in your mind and a feel for how the ball will react on the ground.

One of the more famous links courses are found in Royal Portrush in the north of Ireland golf. This was where the recent Irish Open golf championship was held. This is one of great golf courses of Ireland and the world.

Golf Club Equipment 

Ok back to Golf Club Equipment and a few more notes. More modern up to date golf club equipment will be a factor in achieving more average golf club distance. As technology improves the makers of golf clubs extract more and more out of each club.

Popular types of golf club equipment manufacturers include taylormade golf clubs, titleist golf clubs, srixon golf clubs.

Indeed although some players will get custom fitting golf clubs others are happy to get their golf club equipment by buying second hand golf clubs.

Golf Club swing weight and Golf swing mechanics

Another key thing is the golf club swing weight that is comfortable for you. In changing golf club grips the whole swing weight of the golf club can feel different. Check the grip is identical if you notice any change.

So even regripping golf clubs this can make a difference to the golf club swing weight.

How a person swings the club is crucial. Again so many variables here. You often hear people saying someone has great clubhead speed while another has great timing. A good golf instructor here is crucial in providing the basics.

Common key areas include golf club grip, body alignment to target both of which effect ball striking and distance.

What are your key muscle groups like? Many modern day professional golfers really concentrate on key muscle groups and building those to improve golf club distance.

Strong shoulder, forearm ,wrist muscles are a great golf help and they also need to be flexible. Another key group are the leg muscles for power along with the core muscle group.

Golf Club Distance Chart

Golf Clubs Review and Distance-Men

  • Driver 200-260
  • 3-wood 180-235
  • 5-wood 170-210
  • 2-iron 170-210
  • 3-iron 160-200
  • 4-iron 150-185
  • 5-iron 140-170
  • 6-iron 130-160
  • 7-iron 120-150
  • 8-iron 110-140
  • 9-iron 95-130
  • PW 80-120
  • SW 60-100

Golf Clubs Review and Distance -Women

  • Driver 150-200
  • 3-wood 125-180
  • 5-wood 105-170
  • 2-iron 105-170
  • 3-iron 100-160
  • 4-iron 90-150
  • 5-iron 80-140
  • 6-iron 70-130
  • 7-iron 65-120
  • 8-iron 60-110
  • 9-iron 55-95
  • PW 50-80
  • SW 40-60

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